A whole slew of releases for today:

Tons of new games….. and I don’t know  a whole lots about most of these.  But they all sound cool!

Came Up Cards is probably the game I’m most interested in out of all of these.  I love the original game, so I’m curious to see how this card version changes things.

The new version of Citadels is out.  I’ve still yet to play Citadels, but now I might try this version, if only because my friend was one of the head artists on it.

Lanterns is a great game, and I’m curious to see what this expansion adds to it.  I wasn’t supposed to come out until January, but I spotted it at my local game store, so it’s available at some places now.

The Others: 7 Sins is a game that I never expected to love, but I DO love it!  These 2 new expansions adds new heroes to the game, which I’m looking forward to.

Most of these others I don’t know much about.  Cup or Bluff and Hashtag Me seem like fun party games, while Phobos Rising and Ceres are solitaire war games.  Also, First Class from Z-Man games seems like a neat game about the Orient Express.  And so does Snowblind.

That’s it for now.  As always, you can check out the full schedule for upcoming games here


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