Not only is game publisher Cool Mini or Not putting out huge, awesome games with tons of miniatures, they’re also putting out fun, family party games!  This one debuted at Gen Con.  Party games aren’t always my favorite style of games.  In fact, some have down right fallen flat with me (I’m looking at you Spyfall), but I do like dice games and for some reason I had a good feeling about Ta Da!  Call it instinct?  It’s finally getting its retail release this week!  Was my instinct correct?  Let’s find out!

TA-DA! (2016) Designed by Steve Avery; Published by Cool Mini or Not – For 2-6 players and takes about 15-20 minutes to play.


It’s a wizard competition and each player will be trying to perform the best spells, and also be the quickest to perform them.  The first player to complete their sixth spell wins.

This is a speed, dice game, with a fun party element added on top.  Each round, players will have a spell card in front of them.  On the card will be at least 4 symbols.  Players will also have a set of dice and a cup of their color.  During the round, each player will roll simultaneously trying to complete their spell cards.

The dice have symbols on them, and you must find the matching dice to put on the corresponding symbol on your spell card.  But, you can only lock one symbol at a time (even if you have more matching symbols).  Then you must put all the dice back into your cup and roll again.  The first player (or players depending on how many are in the game) to match all of their symbols must yell “Ta Da!, and will then score that card.

BUT!  It’s not going to be THAT simple.  Before everyone begins rolling each round, a feat card will be revealed.  The feat will be something that will make rolling and completing your spell cards more difficult.  For example, one feat might have you holding your right arm behind your back for the entire round.  Or you have to yell “Huzzah!” each time you lock a die.  Other feats include, getting up and sitting down each time you lock a die, holding your arms to your chest like a T-Rex, or only being able to touch the dice with one finger.

And that’s pretty much the game. The first player to complete 6 spells wins.

You should know by the description, if this game is for you or not.  Like I said before, party games aren’t normally my thing…… but man do I love this game!  It plays really fast, and I laugh loud and hard every time I’ve played this.  There’s something that’s just so silly about the whole thing that you just have to laugh while playing.  I love playing as fast as I can, while doing wacky things.

There are even spell cards, once completed, that let you mess with other players.  My favorite is the spell called “Tell me I’m prettius”, which has you pick an opposing player to give you a compliment every time they lock one of their dice.  It’s really funny!

Speaking of spell names, I love the names of these spells.  They’re very punny and clever, and some will have you smacking your head.

I’ve played this with kids and families and  was a tremendous hit!  But, I’ve also played this with full grown adults after a night of serious gaming, and they were all laughing and shouting hand having a good time.

This is such a simple concept for a game, but yet, it’s so much fun.  You see, sometimes you don’t have to shoot for the moon in order for a game to be successful.  This isn’t the next big strategy game.  Nor was it trying to be.  This game knows exactly what type of game it is, and because of that it succeeds tremendously.  For what this game is, Steve Avery has hit a homerun!

Ta Da! is silly, crazy fun with great “Rocky and Bullwinkle”-style artwork.  The dice and cups are colorful and is just pleasing to look at.  Cool Mini or Not has done it again, but this time with an excellent party game.  If you’re looking for that next great party game to break out at a family gathering or even drinking parties, then you don’t want to miss TA DA!  It’s just a blast!



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