A few days late here, but here are the latest games to be released within the past week:

Actually, this is a pretty big day for games!  Seafall was the hottest game at Gen Con, but not so-so reviews are coming out and it’s kind of losing steam now…. with that said, I’m still very interesting in playing it, so it’s still high up for me.

I have already written my review of Oceanos, so that should be up within the next day or two.

Watson & Holmes looks like a great deduction game, and I’m dying to play it.

Then there’s the triple feature of Explorers of the Sea, Raiders of the Sea and Shipwrights of the sea.  I’m curious to play all three of these viking games all by the same designer.  I wonder which one is better?  Hmmmm.

But the one that caught me off guard is Grand Prix by GMT games.  It’s from the designers of Thunder Alley and his pretty much the same game, but it’s now Formula racing, not nascar.  It does look like the rules are tweaked a bit, so there will be some differences.  But I loved Thunder Alley, so I’m very very very interested in picking this one up.

That’s it for now!  As always you can check out the full schedule for upcoming games here


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