NEW GAME RELEASES: September 29th

Here are are the releases:

That’s quite a mouthful, isn’t it?

Some of these are only available at Miniature Market (as far as online retailers are concerned) like Terraforming Mars and Ice Cool.  But It looks like Cardhaus has copies of Harry Potter and Cry Havoc for now.

I have quite a few of these from Gen Con.  I have Back to the Future Dice Game, Cry Havoc, Ice Cool, and Order of the Gilded Compass.  I need to play Cry Havoc and Gilded Compass at least one more time to give a proper review.  But I will do my best to get reviews up for the other 2 within the week.

I already reviewed Terraforming Mars, which you can find here

As for the other releases, I’m eager to try to micro game 3 Wishes.  I tried the kids game Go Cuckoo! at Gen Con and it seemed pretty fun.  I REALLY want to get the Harry Potter deckbuilding game.  I should have a copy within the next month.  Royals is the one regret I didn’t pick up at Gen Con.  Looks like a great Euro game.  Speechless is a new party game from the Dice Towers Essentials line and looks like…. well, a party game.  London Dread looks interesting, but I think I need to play it before I buy it.  The other games I don’t know to much about.

As always, you can find the complete schedule for upcoming games here


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