Went to my local gaming store yesterday and saw a few games that aren’t available at online retailers yet, but they should be available in some stores depending on where you live.  These games are officially out now, according to me.  Also 3 games available at Coolstuffinc.

At Coolstuff:

Spotted at my gaming store:


I am going to be getting review copies of Agamemnon and Let Them Eat Cake hopefully soon.

I love Valley of the Kings, so I can’t wait for this stand alone/expansion!

I picked up J’Accuse, Saloon Tycoon and Vikings on Board at Gen Con.  Reviews are going to be forthcoming.  I’ve been crazy learning and playing 40+ games since coming back from Gen Con.  Need to get a few plays of the games in each before I feel comfortable reviewing them.  And that takes time and getting people together.  Working on it.  Plus, trying to figure out the best way to do reviews, written or video.  I’d rather do video, but I still don’t have a good enough camera I feel is adequate enough to shoot video reviews on, so for now it looks like I’ll be doing written reviews, and that usually takes longer for me.  So be patient.

As always, you can can check out the full release schedule of upcoming games here


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