Hey folks!  I’m back from Gen Con.  There were several games that were released last week while I was at the convention.  Hundreds of games were released at Gen Con, but I won’t be counting most of those, since they are NOT available to the public yet.  The only games I’m mentioning here are the ones that you can find either in your stores, or at online retailers.  I will be posting my Gen Con report within the next week or two.  So stay tuned for that.

Anyhoo, here are the games that have been released during this past week:

A lot of these were released simultaneously at Gen Con.  I didn’t pick those up at Gen Con since I can get them cheaper online.  But I really want some of these.  I’m interested in Captain Sonar, City of Spies, Guilds of London, Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition, and especially Via Nebula.  I did pick up the new Cash N Guns expansion and Tides of Madness at Gen Con.  (as well as 38 other games, but more on that later).

As always, you can check out the full release schedule for upcoming games here


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