It is the week of Gen Con!  And I’m going!!!!!  This will be my last post of new releases until I get back.  Some big releases from this past weekend:

With the exception of We Come in Peace, all of these were spotted at a local Target here in the Minneapolis area.  Some of these are Target Exclusives, like: Codenames: Deep Undercover which is an “adults only” version of the award-winning Codenames.  I’m excited to try that out!

Also only at Target is Machi Koro: Bright Light, Big City, which is a new stand alone game with some new rules, I think.  I’m curious to see what is different in this one.

The big one for me is Ticket to Ride: First Journey which is for younger kids.  I play regularly with a 3 and a 5 year old, so I’m curious to see how they pick this one up.

Oregon Trail : The Card Game is likely to attract the same audience as Exploding Kittens.  People that just buy a game based on either a silly theme or pure nostalgia instead of wanting to just play a really good game (which the buzz is that this is NOT).  I do love the original computer game or course, but if the card game itself isn’t going to be good, I’m not interested.

That’s it for now!  As always you can check out the schedule for upcoming games here.


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