NEW GAME RELEASES: December 23rd

I’m a little late with this post.  A few games came out in the past couple of days.  Here they are:

At Coolstuffinc:

At Cardhaus Games:


For me, the no-brainer out of this bunch is the expansion for Star Wars: Imperial Assault.  Even though I don’t like dungeon crawls very much, this game is so rich in Star Wars theme that it won me over.  Can’t wait to bring wampas into the mix!  I’m also looking forward to playing The Prodigals Club.  I’ve never played Last Will, but the theme of this sounds so wacky (you are a rich person trying to lose all their reputation and money as fast as you can), that I’m immediately on board.

I’m also really looking forward to playing Raptor.  This game has some pretty big buzz surrounding it from the few critics that have talked about it.  Really looking forward to getting this one!

As always, you can find the full release schedule for upcoming games here


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