NEW GAME RELEASES: November 25th


Hold on to your butts!  17 new tabletop games are available today!  Wow!  Biggest update on this site so far!  Most of these you can find on Coolstuff, while I found a few at my local game shop.

At Coolstuffinc and Cardhaus games

At Coolstuffinc only:

At Cardhaus games only:

Found at my local game store:

So yeah…. huge release day!  There are quite a few of these I really want to review for the site.  504 is probably the biggest one for me.  This is a board game experiment that has 9 different modules that can create 504 games, some big, some small, some short, some long.  And they are all Euro games, so that’s definitely in my wheel house.  Can’t wait for that one!

Bomb Squad is very high on my list.  I may or may not be getting a review copy from Tasty Minstrel Games on that one.  I’m on the list and signed up to get it, but I still haven’t received it, so we’ll see.

Terra is a sort of trivia game that is getting very good reviews, and it’s a follow up to Fauna.

Orleans was released in Essen last year, but this is the premiere of its U.S. retail release.  I have already played an imported copy and I’ll post a review of this soon.

Bloody Inn is a game where you’re running a hotel and killing your guests for money.  YES PLEASE!

Also, Coolstuff now has Wrath of Dragons available as of today, though it is already available over at Cardhaus games.  It’s a good game!  Check out my review here

And then when I went to my local game store (The Source in St. Paul, MN) I saw at least 5 new games that aren’t supposed to be released yet.  None of these games are on Coolstuffinc, yet.  But, they ARE out there so if you search around your neighborhood, you may be able to find them.

Bottom of the 9th looks like a really cool, and quick baseball game.  Love the artwork!

Shakespeare is probably the one I want the most out of these.  Set during the time of the bard and you are trying to put on the best play.  Sounds awesome!

And finally, Tail Feathers.  This takes place in the Mice & Mystics universe, but is an entirely different game with new mechanics.  This one looks great.  My brother pre-ordered this and is pretty pissed off that he doesn’t have his copy yet before retail stores got it.  Anyway, I’ll post my review once he gets his copy and we’ve played it.

I’ve also updated my most wanted games (and expanded it to 15).

Whew…… That’s it for today.  As always, you can check out the full release schedule for upcoming games here




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