NEW GAMES RELEASES: November 18th part 2

Hey everyone.  Normally, I don’t announce 2 release news articles in one day, but this one is pretty important.  When I went to my local game shop today, they had Blood Rage!!!!  It is not yet available at Coolstuffinc or any other online retailer yet(it’s scheduled to be released on November 28th), but my local game shop has about 25 copies.  So as of today:

Blood Rage is available!!!!!!

Why the big fuss?  Well, this has been getting some of the biggest buzz and best reviews of the year.  I had it in my hands at Gen Con, but to be honest, it didn’t appeal to me at the time.  But now that the word has come out since then that this game is supposed to be amazing, I definitely need to get this.  It will be on a lot of people’s Top 10 games of the year, so start seeking this one out now if you want a copy.  It might be a hard one to get.

This is a must have for me!

As always, you can check out the complete release schedule for upcoming games here


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