NEW GAME RELEASES: November 18th

A slew of new releases for today.  Some from Coolstuffinc, and some from Miniature Market.  A reader suggest I check out their releases too, and low and behold, I found three games that are available that are not on Coolstuffinc yet.  Here are the new available releases for today:

At Coolstuffinc:

At Miniature Market:


The new Ticket to Ride map was supposed to be released today, but unfortunately it has been pushed back.  As for these releases, I’m really looking forward to Steam Time, since it’s from the same designer as Istanbul, which was one of my favorite games last year.  I’m curious about Tumult Royale, Vault Wars (which seems awfully close to Warehouse 51), Awesome Kingdom (which a reader inquired me about when it was coming out), and Icarus.  I was in to Dice Masters for about 3 months when it first came out, but lost interest.  It’s a neat game, but I’m not into the whole collectible thing.

As always, you can check out the full release schedule for upcoming games here



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