NEW GAME RELEASES: November 13th

Another big day for game releases.  A couple from coolstuff, one over at cardhaus games, but when I went to my local game store today, I saw a bunch that just became available!  Here they are:

At Coolstuffinc.

At Cardhaus Games:

At my local game store:

7 Wonders Duel is the big release today.  It’s a stand alone 2-player game and I’ve heard excellent things about this one, so if you’re a fan of 7 Wonders this is a no brainer.  Me?  I’m one of the few that isn’t crazy about the game, so I’d like to try before I buy.

Jolly Roger is another pirate game!  Sheesh. Not saying it’s good or bad.  It could be awesome.  But man, there’s soooo many pirate games now.

Co-Mix is a fun storytelling game that I just reviewed.  Click on the link above to check that out.

Dice City and Shadows Over Normandie were not scheduled for at least another week (according to coolstuffinc), so I was quite surprised to see those at my local game store.  I definitely want to check out Dice City!  Shadows Over Normandie I’m curious about, but I’ve only played one game of my copy of Heroes of Normandie so far, so I’d like to play that more before I dive into this one.

As always you can check out the full release schedule for upcoming games here


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