NEW GAME RELEASES: November 11th

A bunch of new games came out today:


The one I’m most excited about is Above and Below.  It’s a city-building, storytelling game.  The artwork looks neat too.  Favor of the Pharaoh is a remake of an older game, but this looks like a very elaborate dice game that I’m very interested in.  Ghostbusters I want just on theme alone.  I’ve never played Stefan Feld’s Luna, so I’m glad it got a reprint.  New Dawn is a thematic sequel to Among the Stars (which I’ve never played).  Sanssouci isn’t really a new game.  It came out around last year, but you had to import it from overseas.  It wasn’t readily available in America.  Well, it’s available now!  I did get a copy last year from a European seller on Amazon.  I plan on posting a review within the next 24 hours.

As always, you can view the full release schedule of upcoming games here


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