A few new games and 2 expansions became available today:

I am kind of upset that my kickstarter copy has not yet arrived yet (I ended up being included on the second shipment run), but am looking forward to the game.  Unlike a few other online gaming critics, I’m really excited about the Thunderbirds theme as I am a fan of the original series.  And it’s from the designer of Pandemic, so all signs point to this being a great game.  It’s available at Cardhaus Games.

However, I’m definitely more excited about the expansion for The Castles of Mad King Ludwig.  It’s one of my favorite games and I’m just getting to the point where I want more things to add in, so this is arriving just in time.

But my most anticipated game of the day is The Gallerist.  From the designer of Kanban: Automotive Revoution, comes this heavy Euro game about owning an art gallery.  The board looks just bonkers….. and beautiful at the same time.  Can’t WAIT to get a hold of this one!  This is available through the Eagle-Gryphon website along with Dexikon, Fleet Wharfside, Floating Market and Loop inc.

As always, you can check out the full schedule for upcoming games here.


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