There are a few high profile games that became available today, according to various different sites (Coolstuffinc, cardhaus games, miniature market):

I’m actually interested in all of these titles.  I especially want to get Champions of Midgard, as I missed my chance to get a copy at GenCon.  The buzz on this game is huge, with the word being that it’s going to replace Lords of Waterdeep.  Automania is also high on my “want” list.  I loved Kanban: Automotive Revolution, which came out last year.  This one looks like to have a similar theme, working in a car factory, though this looks like it might be more friendly to non-gamers.  We’ll see.  And the new edition of Fury of Dracula I want for two reasons.  I heard the game is great, and my friend over at Fantasy Flight worked on the graphic design.  The other 2 I don’t know too much about, but they both look neat.

As always, you can check out the complete schedule for upcoming games here


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